Kate Tooke Life Coach

Coaching connects you to the greatest version of yourself. It clarifies what you really want and empowers you to navigate what’s in your way.


Are you longing for more balance? More contentment? More time and resources to enjoy the things that really matter? Are you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed? Not moving in the direction of your dreams?


You’ve had your head down; immersed in responsibilities – when you look up you aren’t sure of the direction you are headed.


Leading a happier life creates our success. It’s not the other way around. That we work hard, achieve more, do more, learn more, make more money…and then we are happy. The problem with that model is that the goal posts keep moving, and happiness is always on the other side. If you’ve been on this treadmill for a while – you know that the successes you do achieve are ultimately unfulfilling when you arrive which is why you shift the goal to “more”. We need be happy now, and then we DO achieve more success – and it’s authentic success.


Are you ready to lead a happier, more fulfilling life?