“Kate has guided me into my own heart to find the power that has been within me this entire time. I’ve learnt the importance of being my own support and realizing that my inner sage, my soul, my spirit, has and always will be with me for when, not if, I find myself off track and need guidance. I’ve learnt that the most important truth is that of my own and the importance of self(ish) care, for if I cannot find love and compassion for myself, I will not be able to care for another on that pure level.
Kate has an incredible aura. Just being in her presence would put my overactive mind and anxious body at ease. Our sessions had the comfort of old friends as we often laughed and I was able to be vulnerable with my sadness and fears.
My life has truly changed in such magnificent ways since Kate began coaching me. Challenging days inevitably still happen but they don’t have the same lasting impact anymore. Not only has she changed my life, but I seem to be positively affecting those around me who also need support.
Forever connected. Forever grateful”.
– Kayla Read

“I am spending the last few hours of 2014 journalling about the experiences of the past year, and I wanted to express my sincerest, deepest, most profound gratitude for all that you have done for me.  I just can’t fully express it, I’m BURSTING with it, trying to!!

Instead, I’ll tell you ten things that I love about you:

1. I love your big, warm, captivating and contagious smile.  It’s like sunshine.
2. I love your genuine, caring, generous and open heart.  It’s like warmth when you are freezing inside.
3. I love your laugh.  It’s like music.
4. I love your wisdom.  It’s as deep as the knowledge of the smartest philosophers EVER.
5. I love your imagination.  Your guided imagery, your visioning, and your creativity… it’s like a rainbow of brilliance.
6. I love your kind, sympathetic, empathetic and understanding ears.  They are like having a diary that listens to all your shit and spouts back intelligence out of ramblings.
7. I love your intuition.  It’s like radar.  Spot on, spooky at times.  Actually, it’s often spooky.
8. I love your open-mindedness.  It’s so accepting of everything.  So removed from judgement; it’s like purity.
9. I love your clever, quick and impressive brain, however unpoetic it is to say that.  It’s like the Milky Way with so many firing pathways of electricity and sparks of knowledge that link, tie and connect everything together.
10.  I just love you!

You have given me back my life.  Actually, you have guided me back to life!  I will forever, and ever, be so so grateful.  I appreciate you for all your Greatness.  Thank you!”

 – Jennifer Dayton